The Crystal Palace. 10-11 Abbey Green.An illustrated look back at its Past



The building we see today called the Crystal Palace, opened in 1851 as an Inn and was named after the famous Exhibition held in Hyde Park in that year. It was designed by Thomas Baldwin in 1764 for a Dr.Grant. The architect refaced an earlier edifice in Bath Stone, which was originally constructed in 1610 by the Carpenter, James Cotterell. For much of its early existence it was used as Lodgings for the extensive Three Tuns on Stall street whose massive Yard stretched back behind it. The site was owned by the Dukes of Kingston, although it was descendants of the  influential Chapmans who leased it. 
In 1756,the wealthy Apothecary, Richard Harford purchased the lease and resided there until his untimely death seven years later. It was then bought  by a Dr. Grant and his family from Scotland  who divided it into two parts. They lived in no. 10 and a door at the side, which still exists was for no.11 where they took in Lodgers. After they left it was to remain two separate Lodging Houses, with a Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Norton. The latter was to remain there for over 30 years. She is famous today for charging £2 a week to the naval hero, Horatio Nelson and his wife for their stay in 1783 after the Battle of the Nile. 
By 1800 it was owned by a Richard Cruttwell who as well as owning the Bath Chronicle  and a printing business used the area behind as a Carriers Yard and lived at no. 10. He was there until 1820 when the Carrier business was bought by Charles Tanner who lived with his family in the house facing in to Abbey Green. It was bought by Joshua and Harriet Knight in 1851 who opened it as Public House. They ran their business there for 20 years and in 1872, William McCoombe took on the The family were to remain there until the death of Emily McCoombe in 1934. It was put up for Auction on 13th of August and Russell’s Brewers from Rode paid £3050 for it. The following year they demolished the top floor , where the previous owners brewed their beer, as it was no longer needed. It was the landlord, Rob Wain, who  in 1981 was to find a Roman Mosaic in the Cellar and was to become a Celebrity as a result. It has changed hands a number of times since and is now run by the Brewers, Fullers. 


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